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English and Spanish Texas and Austin Food Handler Certification Class

Tx. Dept. of State Health Services Food Handler Program License #55  
Safe Food 4 U
Food Handler, Food Manager, TABC Alcohol Certification
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live class & online training
Requirement:  All food establishment employees in Texas and the City of Austin must get a State of
Texas Food Handler Certification or national ANSI certification.

Food Handler Certification:    A 2 year Texas Department of  State Health Services Food Handler Card. Our live food
handler class  gives you  a State of Texas Food Handler Card  that is accepted by all Health Depts. in the State of
Texas and our Online Course provides an ANSI national Food Handler Course also accepted in Texas..  So when you
take our class, and move to another city, you will be exempt from retaking a Food Handler Course. However, some cities
require additional fee to have it registered with them.    

Cost for  Classes :  
•        Live classes $20 (cash only).
•        Online course $7

Schedule: Safe Food 4 U specializes in private on-site plus regularly scheduled food handler classes.  Classes
are 1 3/4 hrs in English or Spanish. A TX Food Handler Certificate is awarded directly after class. Click
Austin Food
Handler Schedule for the Dates and Locations of Classes.

Group food handler classes.  We can come to your establishment if you have a minimum of 7 people for a
private class or if you have 4 people for a semi-private class.  Semi-private classes are arranged several weeks in
advance and are added to the public calendar.  Private classes with more than 20 students receive a 10%

Experience:  Safe Food 4 U was established in 2004 by Susan Speyer, R.S.  Ms. Speyer  is a former restaurant
inspector and Food Manager Instructor for the City of Austin.  She has taught  thousands of students in Food

Lost your  Texas or City of Austin Food Handlers?  
We can only replace your certificate only if you took the class through Safe Food 4 U. Here are 3  options to
replace your certificate.
•        If you took a live class,first check your cell phone pics.  We tell students to take a snapshot of their certificates with
their cell phone and email it to themselves.
•        We can collect $5 payment over the phone and email or mail you a replacement
•       Make prior arrangements to pick-up a replacement for $5 cash only if you come at least 20 minutes prior to the start
of a regular food handler class.  You must notify us to have the card ready for you. Call 512-478-0884