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I don't work in Austin.  Is Safe Food 4 U Certificates good for other Cities?
  • Yes, all programs Safe Food 4 U offer are accepted throughout the State of Texas.  Our online
    HACCP and the live ServSafe Food Manager Course are accepted nationally.

Is an additional local registration required?
  • No.  As of June 12, 2017 no local jurisdiction can require or charge for an local food handler card.

Why choose Safe Food 4 U Food  Program?  What do we offer that some of our competition doesn't?
  • Get food handlers and TABC registrations direct in the Classroom.
  • Our  Certificate is accepted throughout Texas.  
  • 24/7 Technical Support for online programs
  • Instructor and Owner “Knows her Stuff”.    As a former Austin restaurant inspector, she’ll tell real life
    stories,      engaging students!  Able to answer questions!
  • Classes are upbeat and FUN!

Who must have a Food Handler certificate?
  • All permanent food employees who handle food directly. Food enterprise employees that work at a hotel,
    school cafeteria, day care, convenience store, restaurant   AND touch or work with food or  unpackaged
    ice OR touch dishes, pots and pans, unwrapped paper or plasticware must have a Food Handler
    Certificate.  Bottom Line.....Cooks, wait staff, dishwashers, bartenders must get a Food Handler certificate.

Who is exempt from Food Handler Certificate?
  • If you have a City of Austin Food Manager Certificate, you are exempt from Food Handlers certificate in
    the City of Austin.  Check with your health authority for your area.
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